Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Federal informant Hal Turner caught trying to set up Bill White.

Looks like Hal was sending letters to Bill White filled with racial epitaphs in order to entrap Bill White at his trial in Chicago. Hal Turner has been suspected to be an FBI informant who regularly contacts the FBI frequently.

From VNN:

I received them both today - one post dated 17 Feb, the other 25 Feb. I'll quote the latter per Bill's instructions:


As you are the one person whose mail has gotten through to me who is best positioned to make this known, I wanted to write to you and ask you to spread the word on VNN and wherever else you can.

Individuals who write to me using racist, anti-semitic or violent language are having their letters returned, often without notice to me. This particularly applies to Hal Turner. Yes, this is against the law and BOP policy, but that is an issue for my lawyers to address, not correspondants. Anyone writing to me should refrain from using racial, anti-jewish, or violent language.

Further, reports of my demise are greatly exaggerated. If I were to accept a plea bargain, I would likely be releasted late this year. If I cooperated, I could be released almost immediately. If convicted at trial on all charges, I may face 30-50 months imprisonment, which means 18-36 months, 14-28 if the Obama sentencing reforms are enacted, and really 12-30 and 8-22 because of time I've spent in segregation (which I was released from this year). In short, even if convicted I may be out later this year - maybe in 2010 or 2011.

Please spread the word on this and I appreciate your help,