Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hal Turner issues statement about threats defying a judge's order

Looks like Hal Turner just can't keep his mouth shut, even after a judge gave him a "gag order'

A statement from Hal Turner, writing in the 2nd person.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

North Bergen, NJ -- The trial of radio host Hal Turner lead to some startling revelations which the media has barely covered. We have obtained the official Transcript of the trial and provide some details that you may find interesting.

According to Assistant Special Agent in Charge (ASAC) Amy Pickett, the third highest ranking FBI Official in New York City, Hal Turner was involved in "National Security Intelligence." According to Pickett's testimony whioch appears in a scanned image of the official Trial transcript below, Hal Turner dealt with "National Securtity Intelligence, terrorism and foreign counterintelligence" while he serveed with the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF).

According to Pickett, what Hal Turner did for the United States was ". . . really so serious that it cannot be handled at the local level. It has to go up to the Department of Justice."

WOW! How's that for a surprise?!

All the folks out there who thought Hal was some terrible person just got the surprise of their lives. Turns out Hal was one of the good guys! Read it for yourself in the image of Trial

But wait, it gets better. . . . .

The next scanned image (below) of Page 555 of the official Trial Transcript shows Assistant U.S. Attorney William Hogan told the Jury "There is no evidence in this case of any criminal activity committed by Hal Turner while he was an FBI Agent."

An FBI Agent? Whoa! Hal Turner was an FBI Agent? Looks like Asst. US
Attorney Hogan really slipped and let the cat out of the bag this time! WOW! Read it for yourself in the scanned image below.

So now that the truth is out, how is it that Hal was arrested and put on trial for doing in 2009 what he did in 2002, did again in 2005 (twice) on National TV, did again in 2007 on his web site and did again in 2008 on his radio show?

If saying a federal Judge was "worthy of death" wasn't a crime in 2002 when Hal said it on radio station WBCQ, and those same words were not a crime when he repeated them on DATELINE NBC and again a week later on "At Large" with Geraldo Rivera on FOX NEWS CHANNEL. . . . . and were not a crime when he said them about a different Judge during his radio show in 2007 or again in 2008. . . . . then how were such words a crime in June 2009 for which Hal was arrested?

The simple truth is that what Hal said in his online editorial which he posted on June 2, 2009 were not a threat. They were not a crime. The entire case against Hal is crap and the jury in his trial saw it. That's why they voted 9 to 3 in favor of acquittal.

Given these irrefutable facts, revealed under oath by officials of the FBI during Hal's trial earlier this month, when will sanity return to the system and these charges against Hal be disposed of?

A second trial is scheduled for March 1. In the meantime, it might be nice to hear from Hal's most ardent critics. What do they have to say about Hal now that it turns out what he was doing on the air was an FBI operation designed to protect America?