Monday, December 22, 2008

FBI finds "how-to-manual" for assassins in Bill White's apartment.

It just keeps getting worse and worse doesn't it? I blame his parents for catering to his behavior rather than trying to get him the professional help he needed. Especially when he was a student at the University of Maryland.

FBI agents found a how-to manual for assassins when they searched the apartment of a U.S. neo-Nazi charged with threatening to kill an Ottawa lawyer, documents show.

The book, Hit Man: A Technical Manual for Independent Contractors, was seized during the court-approved Oct. 17, 2008, search of Bill White's apartment in Roanoke, Va., says an FBI property report.

A grand jury indicted Mr. White on Dec. 11 for allegedly threatening five people including Canadian Richard Warman, whose campaign against Internet hate speech has angered right-wing extremists.

A self-styled "commander" of the far-right American National Socialist Workers Party, Mr. White had written "Kill Richard Warman" on his Web site and posted the human rights lawyer's home address.

Warman "should be drug out into the street and shot," Mr. White wrote, adding he "is an enemy, not just of the white race, but of all humanity and must be killed. Find him at home and let him know you agree."

Mr. White has denied making any threats.

In September, Mr. Warman and Canadian Jewish Congress CEO Bernie Farber traveled to Virginia to testify before a grand jury that was hearing the case against Mr. White. (Threatening comments about Mr. Farber had also been posted on Mr. White's Web site.)

Federal investigators subsequently raided two Virginia addresses linked to Mr. White. The searches yielded computer equipment, files on other white supremacists, a letter about Jewish writer Elie Wiesel and a single copy of Hit Man, which was taken out of print a decade ago after a man murdered three people in Maryland and claimed he had used the book as a how-to guide.

"Within the pages of this book you will learn one of the most successful methods of operation used by an independent contractor," reads the preface. "Step by step you will be taken from research to equipment selection to job preparation to successful job completion."

In addition to Mr. Warman, Mr. White allegedly threatened a Miami Herald columnist and a New Jersey mayor between 2006 and 2008, according to the indictment. After announcing the charges U.S. prosecutor Julia Dudley said Mr. White has the right to free speech but "he does not have the right to threaten to injure, intimidate and extort innocent people."

During the searches, the FBI also seized a disc labeled "Free Rev. Dr. Matt Hale." Mr. White has been charged with publicizing the home address of the foreman of a Chicago jury that convicted Mr. Hale, a white supremacist

Friday, December 12, 2008

Gang leader Bill White now facing 7 additional federal charges

He'll cop a plea and get ten years......

Roanoke Times

William A. White, the Roanoke neo-Nazi figure who is being held in Chicago on federal charges of encouraging violence against a juror, has been indicted in Roanoke on more federal charges.

In a seven-count indictment announced today, he is charged with threatening five individuals in the United States and Canada and with attempting to intimidate participants in a federal housing discrimination lawsuit in Virginia Beach.

White, who owns rental property in the city and describes himself as the commander of the Roanoke-based American National Socialist Workers Party, has attracted widespread attention with Internet postings that seem to call for attacks on blacks and Jews. The black teens charged with assault in Jena, La., author Elie Wiesel, columnist Leonard Pitts, president-elect Barack Obama and journalists at The Roanoke Times, among many others, have been subjects of White's posts in recent years. White has described the posts as satire and protected free speech.

"William A. White's views and opinions of the world have been much publicized and well documented over the years," Acting U.S. Attorney Julia Dudley said in a news conference today. "However, this case is not about William A. White's views or his opinions about the world, or his right to exercise freedom of speech.

"This case is about William A. White making late-night phone calls and sending threats in e-mails to college professors, bank employees, lawyers, mayors, newspaper reporters and their families. ...

"This case is about innocent people being threatened, intimidated and extorted by a man that in most cases, they don't know and have never met."

Today's indictment comes less than a week after a federal judge in Chicago ordered White held without bond. White is charged in Chicago with posting a juror's address and telephone numbers on his Web site, which federal authorities say was an invitation for others to harm the man. According to White's post, the juror played a key role in convicting Matthew Hale, a fellow white supremacist, in 2004.

Hale is serving a 40-year prison sentence for soliciting the murder of a judge who ruled against him in a trademark infringement case involving the name of his organization, the World Church of the Creator.

In ordering White held with no bond, U.S. District Judge William Hibbler cited concerns about what White's followers might do at his urging if he were to be released.

The new charges stem from incidents in which White is accused of threatening, via e-mails, phone calls and online postings:

* a Citibank employee during a dispute about a business account. Prosecutors say White threatened to make public the employee's personal information and mentioned the murder of a federal judge's family, saying "Lord knows that drawing too much publicity and making people upset" led to the murders. White also faces an extortion charge linked to the dispute.

* nationally syndicated columnist Leonard Pitts.

* a professor at the University of Maryland. The professor apparently taught a seminar that White found offensive.

* a Canadian lawyer involved in an effort to close a Canada-based Internet Web site that White administered.

* the mayor of a New Jersey town who was involved in a racial dispute in that town. (thanks Hal Turner)

* White also is accused of trying to influence witness testimony by sending letters to black tenants who were involved in a discrimination case against their landlord in Virginia Beach.

The charges of communicating threats in interstate commerce each carry a maximum penalty of five years in prison. The charge of communicating an extortion threat in interstate commmerce carries a maximum 20-year sentence. The witness intimidation charge carries a maximum sentence of 10 years. Each charge also carries a possible fine of up to $250,000.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Pervert and nutcase Michael Burks quits white nationalist movement.

Michael Burks like another pervert in Kennett, MO, once posted a picture of his own penis on the web. These are some sick puppies. Burks is a nutcase, no matter what he does from this point in this life.

From Michael Burks

After nearly seven years of being in the “pro-white” movement I feel its time to retire. After taking the last month in half to think things over I have come to the conclusion that the entire “pro-white” movement is a joke. In my seven years worth of experience I’ve never witness anything good from it. Instead I have met the biggest group of hypocrites, back-stabbers and anti-social misfits one could ever come across. I have much better things to do with my time, energy and money.

I have met enough odd balls in this “pro-white” to know walking away is the right thing to do. Never in my life have I met a group of mentally ill, white trash and anti-social group of scumbags in my life. It’s amazing that so many of these people exist. I think back and one thought kept coming up – “Who has attacked me the past few years?” No, it wasn’t the Jew, the non-white or other “so-called” enemy of my race. It has been my own people. The Randy Grays, Matthew Ramseys, McKinley Mitchells, and Matt Roberts of the world are the ones who have stalked me, harassed me and threaten me. It wasn’t One Peoples Project, the SPLC, or ARA I had to worry about. Instead, it was my “own people” who attacked me.

Looking over my life I realize all my true friends and loyal friends besides a select few, were people that had nothing to do with the “pro-white” movement. I have friends I grew up with since childhood who I’m still close with. Friends from middle and high school are still there in my life. However, besides a very small group of “pro-white” people, hardly any of them remained loyal. Instead these are the ones who back stabbed, slandered or threatened me over the years. And I know that I am better off without these misfits being in my life.

The number of whores, closets homosexuals and liars I’ve met within the “pro-white” movement is something I can do without. These people do nothing useful. Not only are they a total disgrace to the white race, but a total disgrace to all of mankind. Walking away from these people won’t be hard. With that said, I am not joining some ARA group like say Erica Hardwick did. Many of my views such as my religious ones don’t mix well with the ARA mindset. For instance, I can’t accept gay or transgender rights. With that said, I plan on spending much of my free time exposing facts and truths about the frauds within the “pro-white” movement.

I do want to thank a small group of “pro-white” people who were good friends. These people are Phil Anderson, Pastor Visser, Demonica of VNN and Adrian Trenadue. Even though I will no longer being working with these people, I pray that all of us can still be friends and be on good terms. I have nothing bad to say about any of these people what so ever. They were loyal friends and some of the very rare people who actually practiced what they preached.

As for Bill White, I can say this - He will not be set free. And after being questioned by the FBI, I can see why. Bill White did break the law and I regret now that I stood behind him after his arrest. I believe in free speech and don’t believe that Bill should be held for juror tampering. With that said, he did break other laws. He stated on live radio that people should kill Richard Warman. He didn’t say he hoped he died or that he wished the man died, Bill clearly said to “kill him” and gave out his address. Bill also told the news in Tampa that he wished a crazy would kill Leonard Pitts and the people in the Newsroom. Bill also asked me to hide evidence during one of his many investigations – also illegal and yes, the FBI knows all about it. No, I didn’t snitch on Bill White. The FBI had the call taped.

Bill White also lied and truly didn’t care about anyone with the ANSWP. Once he was in jail I stood behind his wife. I wrote people and emailed people asking people to donate funds to her. She was nice and only called when she and Bill wanted me to testify in his behalf. Since that time she has not called to inform me of any updates. Instead she has only told things to Chris Drake and Jarl, leaving the rest of the ANSWP clueless. Bill also went behind my back and wanted to cut a deal by selling his membership list to Eric Gliebe (how ever you spell his name) and have the ANSWP join forces with the National Alliance. Being a Regional Leader, I was supposed to have a say in this matter. Instead, Bill planned this with other ANSWP people behind my back. And that is okay by me. I just want Megan, Bill’s wife, to know that I have no plans to testify in his behalf.

Every group I have joined has been a complete failure. So below I am going to take the time to name the groups and give some facts and personal eye witness accounts of each. Enjoy!

Imperial Klans of America (IKA) – Was the first group I ever joined. Led by Ron Edwards and National HQ based out of my home state of Kentucky. This group was a joke. I met men who beat women and a countless number of drunks. Most of the members were high school dropouts or people of low education. Ron was jobless while his wife was working paying the bills – what a “tough” white man! Once I quit members of the IKA harassed me for the next few years. Lucky the IKA recently lost a 2.5 million dollar lawsuit and will no longer be a factor…. Wait they haven’t been a factor the past two years anyways.

White Revolution – I stayed in this group for a quick two months. Knowing the people within this group was enough to make anyone with an IQ over 80 quit. You had Mark Martin, which is laughable. Some 400 girl from Arizona that seemed to stalk Mark Martin, also funny. A mentally ill man in Kentucky who blew his brains out. Their South Carolina leader Billy Brown dated a girl with mixed children. I mean, I could go on but I think you get the point. Oh yeah, Bill Roper was their leader, enough said,

Knights Party – Led by career con-man, Thom Robb. Like money making preachers you see on television, “Pastor” Robb will sell you a $350 brick for “White Christian Revival” – other words the money goes in his wallet. For a “Christian” I question the people I met within this group. Richard Hensley of HQ staff and David Barnett of North Carolina were divorced, a sin last time I checked my Bible. A guy named Phil was a former pot dealer. A woman from New York wore an upside down cross (symbol of Satan). Randy Gray, a high school dropout, seems to have a homosexual fixation on me which is very sick and disturbing to say the least.

American National Socialist Workers Party – At first we did great activism. The last few months I realize we only went after people that made Bill White mad. We no longer did political activism. All our time was spent on people Bill hated. Bill would appoint people like me to leadership roles and never listen to my advice. I told him for months to kick Justin Boyer out. Boyer, who spells like a retarded child, was a disgrace for anyone calling themselves a man. Instead, Bill allowed Boyer to make a complete mockery out of us. I find it funny now that Boyer testified against Bill. I also told Bill to kick Tim Bland out. Bill ripped me for this and took Bland’s side. A few months ago Bland was arrested for selling pot (we have the police record). Of course I was right and Bill was wrong. Bill also ran off my good friend, Mike Garrett by calling him mentally ill and making him looks bad on our yahoo group.

As you can tell, I have created this Blog. I will dedicate this Blog as a “pro-white” news source much like White Reference does. The only difference is that my Blog will expose the frauds and corruption within the “pro-white” movement instead of glorifying con-men such as David Duke, Don Black and others. I am sure many will hate me and threaten me. Wait, they’ve been doing that for a few years now lol.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Jury awards $2.5 million to teen beaten by Klan members

All white jury found that Imperial Klans of America, Ron Edwards and others civilly liable for damanges. Informants testified against Klan. All white supremacist movements are full of informants

These were the jokers who did the Nordicfest each year in Dawson Springs, Kentucky 

""We look forward to collecting every dime that we can for our client and to putting the Imperial Klans of America out of business," said SPLC founder and chief trial attorney Morris Dees, who tried the case."

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

ANSWP Bill White hires non-white lawyer to defend himself

Nishay K. Sanan, a non-white lawyer from India. Oh the irony!!!!!


Thursday, November 6, 2008

Nutcase & accused gay pedophile Martin Lindstedt is back

The Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri et al v. Obama et al

Plaintiffs: The Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri, Pastor Martin Luther Lindstedt and Newton County White Nationalist - Socialist Libertarian Party
Defendants: Senator Barack Husse Obama, Senator John "M McCain, State of Missouri, Governor Matt " Blunt, Missouri Department of Mental Health/Fulton State Hospital, Attorney-General Jay Nixon, Secretary of State R Carnahan, Missouri Supreme Court, Missouri Democratic Party, Missouri Republican Party, Missouri Libertarian Party, Traitor Glenn Miller, Newton County Republican Party, Sheriff Ken Copeland, Judge John Lepage, Newton County Prosec Skouby, Asst. Prosecuting At Dobbs and Newton County Clerk Baum

Case Number: 6:2008cv03405
Filed: November 4, 2008

Court: Missouri Western District Court
Office: Springfield Office [ Court Info ]
County: Newton
Presiding Judge: District Judge Howard F. Sachs

Nature of Suit: Civil Rights - Other Civil Rights
Cause: 42:1983 Civil Rights Act
Jurisdiction: Federal Question
Jury Demanded By: None

I. Parties to this Civil Action

(In item A below, place your name in the first blank and place your present address in the second blank. Do the same for additional plaintiffs, if any, on back side of this sheet.)

A. Name of Plaintiff : The Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri, Pastor/ArchBishop Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt, Newton County White Nationalist-Socialist Libertarian Party (Nazi-Toons) all headquartered at:

Address: 338 Rabbit Track Road, Granby, Missouri (Postal Zone) 64844

(In item B below, place the full name of the defendant in the first blank, his official position in the second adding word blank, and his place of employment in the third blank. Use item C for the names, positions, and places of employment of any additional defendants.)

B. Defendant, u$ Senator Barack Hussein Obama is 'employed' as a professional politician whom the extremely idiotic whiggers of Illinois selected to be their u$ Senator and who the even more idiotic ZOGland whigger ass-clowns, sundry muds and jew cruds are about to (s)elect as president of the u$/ZOG/Babylon as the Democratic Party nominee, but NOT if Plaintiffs have anything to say about it. This Genesis 1:24-25 and 2:19 Sixth-Day mamzer-Beast of the Field has been tracked to its lair at: 713 Hart Senate Office Building, Washington, D.C. 20510.

C. Additional Defendants:
STATE OF MISSOURI, GOVERNOR MATT 'RUNT' BLUNT, MISSOURI DEPARTMENT OF MENTAL HEALTH/FULTON STATE HOSPITAL, ATTORNEY-GENERAL JAY NIXON, SECRETARY OF STATE ROBIN CARNAHAN, all these regime criminals are by Missouri statute to be represented by regimeist Defendant Attorney-General Jay Nixon, whose address is: Missouri Attorney General's Office, Supreme Court Building, 207 W. High Street P.O. Box 899 Jefferson City, MO 65102.

The Missouri Democratic Party address is: 208 Madison Street, PO Box 719, Jefferson City, MO 65102.
The Missouri Republican Party address is: Missouri Republican State Committee, 204 East Dunklin, Jefferson City, Missouri, 65101
The Missouri Libertarian Party address is: Missouri Libertarian Party P. O. Box 78623 St Louis, MO 63178-8623.
The Newton County Republican Party address is: c/o NCRP Chairman Nick Myers CPA, P.O. Box 1725, 5873 Riverside Dr., Joplin, MO 64804.

Traitor Glenn Miller, a.k.a. Frazier Glenn Cross (Federal Witness Protection alias), a.k.a. Sergeant Snitch is currently using a post office box address as he would most certainly piss his pants if Plaintiffs were to reveal the street address of his doublewide, as he certainly fears everyone he ratted out coming to visit him in the wee hours of the a.m. with a dull knife and a bad attitude. Sgt Snitch's current P.O Box address insofar as known is: __________________
"We stand for organized terror -- this should be frankly admitted. Terror is an absolute necessity during times of revolution.
Felix Dzerzhinsky, interviewed in Novaia Zhizn (14th July, 1918)

David Duke now having to hold conferences in "secret locations"

Job well done. Remember Mr Duke, Obama is YOUR president. David Duke as we know made a plea deal a few years ago on tax fraud in exchange to turning over every bit of information he knows within the white supremacist movement. Anytime they make a deal with a white supremacist on anything, that is the first thing they ask for.


MEMPHIS, TN – A former leader of the Ku Klux Klan says a white supremacist rally will still take place in Mississippi.

The “International Euro Conference” was scheduled to take place at the Whispering Woods Hotel and Conference Center in Olive Brach, Mississippi. DeSoto County officials issued a state of emergency to prepare for the event. Shortly after, the hotel cancelled the reservations for the conference. In a statement, officials said the hotel was, "committed to the safety and well being of our customers, guests and employees."

In a news conference Thursday, November 6, 2008, Duke announced that the conference would still take place in Mississippi. He says he is expecting a big turnout, including some of his followers in the Mid-South. Duke says he is not releasing the location of the conference due to safety concerns and what he calls, “terroristic threats”. Members of his group will be notified just before the event, said Duke. He says conference goers will meet at a secret location and then carpool to the event.

Rest of story at link

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A cousin of Deborah Leshkevich speaks out on VNN

Deborah Leshkevich was the woman who are murdered by in a murder/suicide by her mentally deranged and bisexual white supremacist husband, Jim Leshkevich who referred to himself as "yankee jim" on internet forums. We've known for years that Jim was living off social security for mental illness. 

Reference story

I'll repost her quotes here from a racist website, she's talking about Jim Leshkevich

First off his blog was written to wash away his guilt. He planned the whole thing, and anyone that really knew him (which none of you do/did), you would know this has nothing to do with anything but complete mental illness. If he were a real man he would have walked away, which is something my cousin was never able to do because of his threats. But ignorance will lead you to believe otherwise. Deb was the heart of her family, and raised her children well, despite his hate and anger (which had nothing to do with her because he was like this from day 1). She tried to make the best of it, to keep her children safe. Ask my family why his children turned on him and they will tell you that their environment was not safe. He was a sorry person, and you all are manipulated by his words. We were convinced by his actions--didn't need his fake words to convince me he was the victim. My cousin lived in fear the entire time they were together, so the next time anyone calls my cousin a whore, think about yourself, and how disgusting you are to believe that crap in the blog. AWWWWW---poor Jim suffered SSSSOOOO much. So much he had to act like a _ussy in the end and kill his wife that he LOVED so much. The ONLY people that even have the right to say they are suffering are Deb's family. Her children lost a MOTHER----

Half of you never even knew Jim personally, nor did you know Deb. My question to you could you sit there and judge based on his ignorance, and that sick blog? You didn't know the pain and suffering his family endured living with him. He was NOT a hero, nor was he a man. He attempted to intimidate anyone that was stronger than him because he was a coward, and that is what cowards do. Look up the true meaning of coward, and I am sure you will be convinced. This is not a racial incident, it is a mental person that never took care of himself, and now my family has to live with that. A man does NOT threaten people to get his way, and a MAN walks away from his pain. But, Deb is the person that was in pain because the quality of her life was stripped away by this mental patient. HE cheated, HE was abusive, and HE was NOT a good husband, father, or a provider. HE didn't support the family any more than his wife contributed. So before any of you call my cousin a whore, and her daughter a liar, get your facts straight. YES, his father was black, and he was a MAN. Maybe Jim couldn't face that truth. It's sad that ignorance will lead you to believe that he is a hero. How sad that because of that, you will continue living thinking you are right. We were not created to hate for any reason. Figure out why you are living this way, and why you are breeding so much hate so this doesn't happen to you. There is still time to redeem.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Commander Michael Burks takes over ANSWP

(Louisville,KY) ALong a party wide vote, Michael Burks has defeated Chris Drake for Commandership of the ANSWP by a 2 to 1 vote with all ANSWP memeber voting. Therefore along party rules, Michael BUrks is now the Commander of the ANSWP, and Phil Anderson is now the Deputy-Commander of the ANSWP. Chris Drake announced hid resignation from the group. Any and all ex ANSWP members except for Vonbluvens and Chris Darke are now welcomed to rejoin the group. No monthy fees, just work for the cause the best that you can.

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