Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hal Turner issues statement about threats defying a judge's order

Looks like Hal Turner just can't keep his mouth shut, even after a judge gave him a "gag order'

A statement from Hal Turner, writing in the 2nd person.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

North Bergen, NJ -- The trial of radio host Hal Turner lead to some startling revelations which the media has barely covered. We have obtained the official Transcript of the trial and provide some details that you may find interesting.

According to Assistant Special Agent in Charge (ASAC) Amy Pickett, the third highest ranking FBI Official in New York City, Hal Turner was involved in "National Security Intelligence." According to Pickett's testimony whioch appears in a scanned image of the official Trial transcript below, Hal Turner dealt with "National Securtity Intelligence, terrorism and foreign counterintelligence" while he serveed with the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF).

According to Pickett, what Hal Turner did for the United States was ". . . really so serious that it cannot be handled at the local level. It has to go up to the Department of Justice."

WOW! How's that for a surprise?!

All the folks out there who thought Hal was some terrible person just got the surprise of their lives. Turns out Hal was one of the good guys! Read it for yourself in the image of Trial

But wait, it gets better. . . . .

The next scanned image (below) of Page 555 of the official Trial Transcript shows Assistant U.S. Attorney William Hogan told the Jury "There is no evidence in this case of any criminal activity committed by Hal Turner while he was an FBI Agent."

An FBI Agent? Whoa! Hal Turner was an FBI Agent? Looks like Asst. US
Attorney Hogan really slipped and let the cat out of the bag this time! WOW! Read it for yourself in the scanned image below.

So now that the truth is out, how is it that Hal was arrested and put on trial for doing in 2009 what he did in 2002, did again in 2005 (twice) on National TV, did again in 2007 on his web site and did again in 2008 on his radio show?

If saying a federal Judge was "worthy of death" wasn't a crime in 2002 when Hal said it on radio station WBCQ, and those same words were not a crime when he repeated them on DATELINE NBC and again a week later on "At Large" with Geraldo Rivera on FOX NEWS CHANNEL. . . . . and were not a crime when he said them about a different Judge during his radio show in 2007 or again in 2008. . . . . then how were such words a crime in June 2009 for which Hal was arrested?

The simple truth is that what Hal said in his online editorial which he posted on June 2, 2009 were not a threat. They were not a crime. The entire case against Hal is crap and the jury in his trial saw it. That's why they voted 9 to 3 in favor of acquittal.

Given these irrefutable facts, revealed under oath by officials of the FBI during Hal's trial earlier this month, when will sanity return to the system and these charges against Hal be disposed of?

A second trial is scheduled for March 1. In the meantime, it might be nice to hear from Hal's most ardent critics. What do they have to say about Hal now that it turns out what he was doing on the air was an FBI operation designed to protect America?

Monday, August 31, 2009

Federal informant Hal Turner writes a letter from prison

Looks like Little Harold can't even keep his mouth shut from prison. Hal always writes about himself as a 3rd party. But Hal Turner is the author of all the below.

Hal Turner was recruited by the FBI Join Terrorism Task Force in around 2002.
The FBI was concerned about terrorism after 9-11. They wanted as many sources of information as they could get to prevent innocent people from being killed. Like any other normal person, Hal wanted innocent people protected from madmen bent on bombing shopping malls, hospitals, schools, or flying planes into buildings.

The FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force offered to become an “Anonymous Benefactor” to pay for Hal’s radio show-related travel expenses if he agreed to keep his ears open. Hal felt that it was fair, so he agreed.

Later, he was approached by supervisory people who were higher up in the FBI. They wanted Hal to be an “Intelligence Operative”. They pointed out how radical, Marxist-oriented left-wing liberals, their politicians and their judges were destroying the fabric of America. Liberal Legislation was socializing the land, Liberal Immigration policy left our borders wide open, and Liberal Judges were shredding the Constitution. Hal fully agreed with that analysis. These FBI higher-ups spoke to Hal about how Conservatives were too modest to resort to “street activism” and how the reluctance of the right to go out in the streets is causing us to lose the culture war. (Such remains the case to this very day.)

They spoke to him about the need to use the tactics of the Left - - - to DEFEAT the Left, by: 1) Infiltration of Left-Wing Groups
2) Demonization of the Enemy
3) Sabotaging Left-wing meetings/projects
4) Fomenting Street Action

Hal jumped at the chance at to do this. Hal felt like a kid in a candy store! Finally, those on the right would be doing what needed doing! They operated under the notion: “ The end justifies the means”.

The higher-ups in the FBI told Hal that he would be paid in cash – through the Confidential Informer Budget – “which is the one pile of cash that Congress won’t audit!” – They ACTUALLY said that!

The higher-ups made it clear to Hal that NO ONE could ever know; NOT EVEN the guys that were “handling him” on the JTTF. Hal agreed to this. Not even his family had any idea that this was happening.

During Hal’s on-again/off-again 6 years with JTTF Hal was given many tasks, among them:

Flush out the ADL/AIPAC “moles” within the FBI and US Dept of Justice (USDOJ). According to the FBI, the ADL has a long criminal history of accessing police files. The FBI knew it had information leaks which had impaired many investigations of Israeli, Jewish, and other suspects. The FBI wanted to plug up those leaks.

Hal was tasked to viciously, internationally, and savagely assail jews. He was told to hurl invective bigotry, anti-semitism and outright hate at Israeli jews, jewish groups, judges, legislators, and businesses. These were not his views, but the image he was ordered to project.

The FBI knew (and still know) that as soon as these groups identify a new “threat”, they first research everything they can get their hands on about that ‘threat’, regardless of the legality of the search. This includes grabbing FBI files. They look for ‘dirt’. The FBI had installed a special symbol in Hal’s file. Whenever his FBI file was accessed by ANYONE, ANYWHERE, a report of the inquiry was generated directly to the JTTF. This way the FBI could find out who, in what office/agency, was looking at Hal’s file immediately after he launched his anti-semetic, anti-Israel verbal onslaught.

In less than one month, this operation uncovered more than 240 ‘moles’ in the FBI, CIA, USDOJ, NSA, House of Representatives, the US Senate, the White House, various State Police, and even overseas governments!

This operation was a stunning success!

Countless “leaks” were plugged. Inside the FBI, people were cut off from certain information access, re-assigned, urged to retire, or fired. Agencies, like the Pennsylvania State Police, had their access to certain information severely curtailed. Similarly, the US Capitol Police had to be discretely cut off.

Hal’s work for the FBI helped secure out national law enforcement information from people using it to advance their criminalistic goals. He is proud of the work he’s done to help his country.

Unfortunately, these groups somehow found out about this when President Obama came into office.

Hal is jailed on false charges –payback for what he did/said. The ADL was even quoted by the Assistant District Attorney as he argued before the judge in New Jersey that Hal should be denied bail! They obviously wanted Hal to know who is doing this to him, and WHY! Judge Ashman, the Judge that presided over the bail hearing(s) in Chicago is also the judge that signed the Search warrant for Hal’s home. Coincidence? Not likely.

The higher-ups in the FBI were so pleased with Hal’s work they gave him more to do, much more. Hal will ultimately tell it all – here’s one more sample of what he was TOLD to do: Target the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).

The FBI believed (and still believes) that the SPLC had one or more informants inside “Elohim City” where the bombing of the Murrah Federal Building was allegedly planned. The FBI believes that the SPLC KNEW about the bomb plans but DELIBERATELY CONCEALED that knowledge so as to let the bombings happen! The SPLC then used the bombing to raise $100 Million to battle such “HATE”.
The FBI executed a ‘Sneak Peak” “FISA” warrant on SPLC headquarters to copy computer data, install keystroke loggers, audio listening devices and more. Once all that was in place, it was time for a “Rally”. Hal got together with other pro-whites and staged a big rally outside the SPLC headquarters in Montgomery, Alabama.

Thanks to the FISA warrant, and telephone taps via the USA Patriot Act – every contact, informant, media lackey, attorney, client and vendor to SPLC was identified, cataloged, researched, and listed. Got them all --- but cannot go after them for a misprision of a felony relating to Oklahoma City. The FBI knows that the SPLC is guilty, they just can’t prove it!

Hal was proud to be able to do this to the SPLC. To his thinking, they are an Un-American, subversive group that deserves what Hal helped the FBI do.

When the media in Chicago heard in open court that Hal was an Intelligence Operative, they sat in stunned dis-belief. When they heard Assistant US Attorney Hogan ADMIT it was true, the media exploded with news coverage --- using the term ‘informant’. They are simpletons.

Now you all know that what Hal did was far different from being a ‘rat’. He WAS NO ‘SNITCH’!

NOT ONE right-wing or “pro-white” group was ever investigated, searched, probed, arrested, indicted or jailed because of Hal’s activities. NOT ONE! ANYWHERE! EVER!

The people in the FBI that Hal worked with are all right-wingers and devout Christians like Hal. They all grew up in a very different America. They are all patriots who see the writing on the wall - like Hal.

They have element throughout every branch of government, fighting for America every day. This fight is not merely taking place in cyberspace. It is a real fight, with real people, like Hal, actually out on the front line, putting everything they are, everything they hold dear at risk.

The enemy are evil people. It is not a matter of political disagreement or ideological difference. This is a fight between good and evil.

Those of us on the good side fear God, trust in the individual to do the right thing on his own, embrace freedom and free enterprise.

Those on the evil side trust no one but themselves. They plan to control your life, your property, what food you eat, what you can say and do. They are FIENDS who must be stopped.

Hal did what was asked of him, and they have now retaliated by making a false “threat” out of legally protected free speech. They have him jailed as a --- a “high level threat” --- in Total isolation 24 hours a day! At the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago where Hal is being held, there are murders, rapists, armed robbers, mobsters, drug king-pins, gang-bangers and child molesters; THEY all get to leave their cells to watch TV and movies, play board games, cards or read. Hal CANNOT! He is kept in his cell – ALONE – 23 hours a day on weekdays, and 24 hours a day on weekends. Hal may call his family once a month!
When these murderers, etc., get their daily “recreation” they are taken out on the roof of MCC. Hal cannot go. Instead, he is walked, handcuffed, 20 feet from his cell to a 10’ by 10’ room which has a broken exercise bike and a pull-up bar. He says in that room for one hour, cuffed again, and walked back to his cell.

He is allowed to shower on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, he is walked, handcuffed, to the shower, give 5 minutes to wash and given clean underwear (but NOT a clean jump-suit) cuffed again and walked back to his cell. Hal’s bed linens are weeks old – no clean sheets or blankets for Hal!

Although Hal has some money in his commissary account, he can not use it in the same way those other prisoners can use it. They can buy all commissary items, while Hal cannot! All the criminals that have been mentioned here have been TRIED and CONVICTED! Hal HAS NOT!

This is what it’s like to be a political prisoner, held and abused by the left. They outright lie to make up false charges, jail you without bail, and then restrict you in prison worse than they do a murderer. This is the kind of thing we used to hear about in the former Soviet Union. Now, it’s happening here in the USA.

Hal hopes you have a better understanding of who Hal is and what he did. He is no traitor. He is a Patriot, a proud, right-wing Conservative Christian.

Hal never abandoned the cause or our country. Please do not abandon Hal! Hal needs your help to fight these charges. Hal and his family are wiped out financially with legal bills.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Federal informant Hal Turner caught trying to set up Bill White.

Looks like Hal was sending letters to Bill White filled with racial epitaphs in order to entrap Bill White at his trial in Chicago. Hal Turner has been suspected to be an FBI informant who regularly contacts the FBI frequently.

From VNN:

I received them both today - one post dated 17 Feb, the other 25 Feb. I'll quote the latter per Bill's instructions:


As you are the one person whose mail has gotten through to me who is best positioned to make this known, I wanted to write to you and ask you to spread the word on VNN and wherever else you can.

Individuals who write to me using racist, anti-semitic or violent language are having their letters returned, often without notice to me. This particularly applies to Hal Turner. Yes, this is against the law and BOP policy, but that is an issue for my lawyers to address, not correspondants. Anyone writing to me should refrain from using racial, anti-jewish, or violent language.

Further, reports of my demise are greatly exaggerated. If I were to accept a plea bargain, I would likely be releasted late this year. If I cooperated, I could be released almost immediately. If convicted at trial on all charges, I may face 30-50 months imprisonment, which means 18-36 months, 14-28 if the Obama sentencing reforms are enacted, and really 12-30 and 8-22 because of time I've spent in segregation (which I was released from this year). In short, even if convicted I may be out later this year - maybe in 2010 or 2011.

Please spread the word on this and I appreciate your help,

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hal Turner's PMS cycle is over in less than 24 hours, he's back.

18 hours, one of the shortest episodes Hal Turner has had yet.

Monday, February 16, 2009

For the 3,734th time, Hal Turner is shutting down his website.

From Harold's blogspot account. Of course google shutting down his google checkout account had nothing to do with this.......

I have decided to cease publishing my views, hopes, observations and dreams on issues social, cultural and political. There's much real work to be done - including the use of brutal force and violence - and this endeavor is a waste of time.

Internet Patriots are a lot like Voyeurs; they watch but can't or won't do anything in real life. There's no time left for such useless people or hoping they will grow a pair.

As I undertake the acts that must be done, the rest of you can sit back and watch; after all, that's the only thing you're good for.

The only thing Harold is going to do is keep licking his used underwear.

Former ANSWP member found guilty of biting 9 year old boy at least 13 times

You can't make this stuff up. Skylarov was a close friend of the retarded Neal Joitke and they did a number of two man ANSWP gang gatherings together.

MUNCIE (API) -- A self-proclaimed white supremacist and Satan worshiper is now also a convicted felon.
Dmitriy V. Sklyarov, 20, of rural Muncie, has pleaded guilty to battery resulting in bodily injury, a Class D felony, filed after he was accused of biting a 9-year-old boy at least 13 times on the arms and legs last Oct. 8.Delaware Circuit Court 5 Judge Thomas Cannon Jr. accepted the terms of a plea agreement that called for a one-year jail term and $100 fine.

A charge of neglect of a dependent was dismissed.At last week's hearing, public defender Steven Bruce said his client was engaged in horseplay with a child left in his care when the boy bit him."I bit him back," Sklyarov said."Multiple times, correct?" Bruce asked."Yes," the defendant responded.Last week's court session was considerably more low key than a Dec. 1 hearing that saw Sklyarov curse at Cannon's predecessor on the Circuit Court 5 bench, Chris Teagle, also shouting "Heil Hitler!" and "white power" before drawing a 90-day sentence for contempt of court.The former Wes-Del High School student also wrote Teagle a letter telling the judge he sat on a "throne of lies."Because he is serving the 90-day contempt sentence, Sklyarov received credit for the 53 days he spent in jail before the Dec. 1 hearing, but will not begin serving the remainder of his one-year sentence until March 1.Cannon told Sklyarov he was willing to "revisit that contempt" and asked the defendant if he wanted to offer an explanation of his behavior.

"I don't agree with how the court functions, so that's why I disrupted the court," Sklyarov said. Cannon let the 90-day sentence stand.
Sklyarov had introduced himself to Cannon, who became judge Jan. 1, in a Jan. 21 letter that offered "infernal greetings.""I'm just writing to say hi and to say I hope the whole process of me having to come to court goes through fast so I won't have to keep coming to court over and over again," the defendant wrote.Discussion at the Dec. 1 hearing had focused at times on the mental competency of Sklyarov, who moved to the U.S. with his mother more than a decade ago from Ukraine in the former Soviet Union.In his letter to Cannon, Sklyarov wrote he was "more than competent to stand trial," and suggested claims to the contrary were based entirely on his Nazi beliefs and worship of Satan."It does not take too much to be considered insane when you are not a brainwashed sheep that believes everything they say on the mass media," he wrote. "Jews and Christians communicate with their God in their places of worship, but when I communicate with my God, I am insane."

Friday, February 6, 2009

Just for the idiots, I am not NewsGuy

Sorry to disappoint.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Vonbluvens claims he is dying of prostate cancer

I don't believe him, I think he is just crying for more attention.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

It's official, we are looking into purcashing some of Bill White's properties in Roanoke

They are selling for pretty cheap right now and we expect the bankruptcy court ordered them to be sold and will pounced at a great opportunity to own some investment rental property. I might try to get the zoning changed on them from residentidal to buisness. My lawyer is looking into it. We can buy 6 of these houses and sell our 1 house to pay for it.

And unlike Bill, I would accept SEction 8 vouchers and keep the properties in excellent shape.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

White supremacist gang members arrested on drug & weapons charges.

White supremacy in the real world outside the internet is nothing more than drug gangs these days. The prison system is full of them.


A white supremacist gang member was arrested after deputies found him with heroin and a rifle modified "for offensive use," Yuba County Sheriff Steve Durfor said Tuesday.

At about 11 p.m. Monday, two deputies saw a sport utility vehicle parked in a field near the Yuba Gardens Apartments in the 1800 block of Hammonton-Smartville Road in East Linda.

Because of recent reports of drug use and sales in the area, the deputies approached the occupants, gang member David Alan Waterbury Jr. of Linda and Brian Keith Alfrey of Olivehurst, both 23 years old.

Because Waterbury was on probation and Alfrey on parole, the deputies were able to search the SUV and found a .22-caliber rifle on the floor and ammunition in the driver's door grip, Durfor said.

The rifle's serial number had been scratched off and the stock replaced with a pistol grip. Waterbury admitted painting the gun black.

Waterbury said he bought the rifle for $20, "which meant it was probably stolen," said Durfor.

The ammunition had been modified to mushroom on impact in order to inflict greater injury, the sheriff said.

The modifications to the rifle and ammunition indicate they were not intended for self-defense or hunting, Durfor said.

A small bag of heroin and a binder containing gang-related slogans and artwork were also found in the SUV.

White supremacists believe whites are superior to other races.

In a 2008 interview, John Summers, Yuba County's director of family court services and a chronicler of area gang activity, said white supremacist gangs, including Another Order and New Order, may be the fastest growing in Yuba County.

Waterbury was arrested on possession of heroin and a gun with an altered serial number and committing a felony as a gang member. Alfrey is charged with possession of a gun and ammunition by a felon.

The records of both men include convictions for theft, said Sheriff's Department spokeswoman Melanie Oakes.

Waterbury and Alfrey were being held Tuesday in Yuba County Jail on $20,000 and $25,000 bail, respectively

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Kids with neo-nazi names removed from home.

Neither parent held a job and were on welfare.

HOLLAND TOWNSHIP, N.J. (AP) — Police say three New Jersey siblings whose names have Nazi connotations have been placed in the custody of the state.

Holland Township Police Sgt. John Harris says workers from the state Division of Youth and Family Services on Tuesday removed 3-year-old Adolf Hitler Campbell and his younger sisters, JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell and Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie Campbell from their home Tuesday.

Harris says family services did not tell police the reason the children were removed. Agency spokeswoman Kate Bernyk says it does not comment on specific cases.

The children and their parents, Heath and Deborah Campbell, received attention last month when a supermarket bakery refused to put Adolf Hitler Campbell's name on a birthday cake.

Hal Turner, who publically denies being gay, refused to help the Campbell's instead deciding to sit on his computer making manic statements that no one takes seriously.