Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A cousin of Deborah Leshkevich speaks out on VNN

Deborah Leshkevich was the woman who are murdered by in a murder/suicide by her mentally deranged and bisexual white supremacist husband, Jim Leshkevich who referred to himself as "yankee jim" on internet forums. We've known for years that Jim was living off social security for mental illness. 

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I'll repost her quotes here from a racist website, she's talking about Jim Leshkevich

First off his blog was written to wash away his guilt. He planned the whole thing, and anyone that really knew him (which none of you do/did), you would know this has nothing to do with anything but complete mental illness. If he were a real man he would have walked away, which is something my cousin was never able to do because of his threats. But ignorance will lead you to believe otherwise. Deb was the heart of her family, and raised her children well, despite his hate and anger (which had nothing to do with her because he was like this from day 1). She tried to make the best of it, to keep her children safe. Ask my family why his children turned on him and they will tell you that their environment was not safe. He was a sorry person, and you all are manipulated by his words. We were convinced by his actions--didn't need his fake words to convince me he was the victim. My cousin lived in fear the entire time they were together, so the next time anyone calls my cousin a whore, think about yourself, and how disgusting you are to believe that crap in the blog. AWWWWW---poor Jim suffered SSSSOOOO much. So much he had to act like a _ussy in the end and kill his wife that he LOVED so much. The ONLY people that even have the right to say they are suffering are Deb's family. Her children lost a MOTHER----

Half of you never even knew Jim personally, nor did you know Deb. My question to you could you sit there and judge based on his ignorance, and that sick blog? You didn't know the pain and suffering his family endured living with him. He was NOT a hero, nor was he a man. He attempted to intimidate anyone that was stronger than him because he was a coward, and that is what cowards do. Look up the true meaning of coward, and I am sure you will be convinced. This is not a racial incident, it is a mental person that never took care of himself, and now my family has to live with that. A man does NOT threaten people to get his way, and a MAN walks away from his pain. But, Deb is the person that was in pain because the quality of her life was stripped away by this mental patient. HE cheated, HE was abusive, and HE was NOT a good husband, father, or a provider. HE didn't support the family any more than his wife contributed. So before any of you call my cousin a whore, and her daughter a liar, get your facts straight. YES, his father was black, and he was a MAN. Maybe Jim couldn't face that truth. It's sad that ignorance will lead you to believe that he is a hero. How sad that because of that, you will continue living thinking you are right. We were not created to hate for any reason. Figure out why you are living this way, and why you are breeding so much hate so this doesn't happen to you. There is still time to redeem.

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