Monday, February 16, 2009

For the 3,734th time, Hal Turner is shutting down his website.

From Harold's blogspot account. Of course google shutting down his google checkout account had nothing to do with this.......

I have decided to cease publishing my views, hopes, observations and dreams on issues social, cultural and political. There's much real work to be done - including the use of brutal force and violence - and this endeavor is a waste of time.

Internet Patriots are a lot like Voyeurs; they watch but can't or won't do anything in real life. There's no time left for such useless people or hoping they will grow a pair.

As I undertake the acts that must be done, the rest of you can sit back and watch; after all, that's the only thing you're good for.

The only thing Harold is going to do is keep licking his used underwear.

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