Monday, October 25, 2010

Oct 23 letter from Bill White in prison

In the past two weeks, Timothy Bland, a federal informant who worked with Hal Turner to “set me up” in a terrorism conspiracy plead guilty charges of threatening to murder my wife and daughter. In particular, Bland, who testified to my grand jury that I was operating paramilitary training camps and had ordered the “assassination” of Leonard Pitts, stated “I set your husband up at the Grand Jury. Now I’m going to finish the job. I’m going to kill you and your daughter.” He proceeded, over the course of five hours, to make additional sexual and threatening remarks.

At the time he did this, he was staying at a hotel paid for by the FBI, and had traveled to Roanoke on an FBI witness stipend. He had been scheduled to testify at my trial – but was yanked at the last minute.

To my knowledge, no news media has covered this.

Instead, there has been news coverage of three arsons at two properties – one I own, and one I used to own.

But, there is no question the media has run these stories to encourage arson at my properties. Why is not clear, as they are mostly making me insurance money and giving me much more satisfactory liquidation of the buildings.

With this, though, has come an uptick in rhetoric against me from the US Attorney’s Office and the government, at a time when I, a nominal “minimum” security prisoner, have been locked down in maximum security conditions. This, and another uptick in internet chatter attacking me may make some people ask “Why?”

First, even though the government feels they “lost” my case, and even though three attorneys – Tom Bondurant, Paige Fitzgerald, and Kevin Mottley – have lost their jobs for frivolously prosecuting me – I am completely beaten. My family has been destroyed. My business has been destroyed. I have been tortured and brutalized by the Bureau of Prisons to a point I have often not wanted to continue living. There is nothing left to take from me – no further damage that can be done. The irony is that all of these people attacking me, collectively, have done so much harm, they are now powerless to hurt me further.

So, why the anger?

They are furious that I refuse to say “2 + 2 = 5″. That’s where it starts and where it ends.

The logic of communism is that no one is permitted to think against it. Everyone must submit.

To achieve this, communists torture people until they confess, then murder them.

In our society, much like the North Koreans in the 1950s, they torture people until they repent, then parade them on TV to promote communism.

Their first point of anger is that I refused to confess to a terrorist conspiracy I was not involved in and which did not exist. The government needs these conspiracies to survive. It’s like Goldstein in 1984 – there must be an ever present threat. I refused to give them one. And with Turner and [name temporarily withheld] convicted, the truth is coming out.

Second, I’m innocent and will probably be acquitted on appeal. This infuriates them. They hate innocent people much more than the guilty. They need guilt to survive.

Third, a hearing on my release is likely soon – as well as my release. When I am released, I will probably speak about what happened to me. People will listen – I have a way of getting people’s ear. And they fear this.

Fourth, and perhaps most importantly, I simply refuse to admit they were right – and in their hearts, they aren’t really sure I was [wrong], either.

Upon my release, I intend to go back to business, spend time with my daughter, finish my degree, and finish an encyclopedic ten volume history of the Aryan peoples in Europe (2200 BC – 2000 AD), that I have been writing and researching these past two years – something, I hope, comparable to Gibbon’s Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. I will continue writing and publishing for those who want to read it, but I doubt I will ever be involved in “politics”.

So, there is no reason to keep kicking me, and, you are unlikely to incite a patsy to murder me. Either have the courage to kill me, or leave me alone. You can’t have what you want – I will never admit you were right -and the biggest temper tantrum in the world won’t get it for you. If brutalizing me, impoverishing me and destroying my family hasn’t broken me – don’t think anything else you can do will.

Bill White

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